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Top tips for children’s Wild ‘n’ Crazy bath times from DGJ Organics

As all parents know, bath-times can either be a dream, or a total nightmare. So which is it: an enjoyable part of the little one’s bedtime routine, where you can spend valuable time together? Or a stressful battle over the shampoo bottle, where both of you end up miserable?

No one ever said it would be easy to shampoo kid's hair, but here are our top three tips for a stress-free bath-time:

  1. If shampoo in the eyes is a constant source of stress, try using a shampoo eye shield – that looks like a plastic sun visor – which will allow you to lather up the shampoo in the hair, while your child’s eyes are protected by the peak.
  2. Use a fun and fruity shampoo that smells so good they’ll look forward to using it. Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hair Juice from DGJ Organics comes in banana and berry, or watermelon and, importantly, has a no tears formula. Featuring organic extracts and essential oils – natural untangled locks are a mere lather away…
  3. When rinsing away those shampoo suds use something fun, like a toy watering can, or other bath toy that can hold water. If you make it into a game you are less likely to face opposition!
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