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Make a fresh start with Hairjuice

After lots of Christmas fun and a busy festive period, it is time to look forward to a New Year and a fresh start. What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2014? To spend more time with family? Progress in business? Take up a new hobby? Quit a naughty vice? – What about giving your hair a fresh start too?

DGJ Organics is the source for naturally beautiful hair; the range is salon tested and of professional quality, by British hair and beauty innovators, Medichem, and Hair Juice is the fantastic every-day-use range.

Hairjuice: a honeydew melon shampoo and conditioner are ideal for everyday use and contain only gentle ingredients, to cleanse hair of impurities and stimulate the scalp to strengthen hair.

Did you know, if you took Hairjuice back to its source ingredients it would include… Water, organic aloe vera, coconut, sea salt, organic melon and citrus fruit.

Salon Professional Hair Care at Home